It now makes several years that Vanessa alias Miss Van, graduate in Arts Plastic, painted to the brush her dolls, pulpy challenging minxes on the walls of Toulouse.
She started in 1993 to embellish the streets of the pink city with Katthat is now part of the crew of the Hanky Panky Girls.

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Miss Van made of her doll an emblematic silhouette of the city. Thanks to her, one can see on all walls of Toulouse of the defiant curves in declensions of colors.

Little by little she exploits all supports, the dolls meeting thus on canvases and in numerous private collections, or on clothes since the creation of her ready-to-wear line.

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The crew of the Hanky Panky Girls under the signatures of Fafi, Kat and Plum, a trio of graffitist from Toulouse, is one of the rare feminine groups of wall painting.
Original of Toulouse, they are recognized to create" an oniric walk" for their fellow citizens, not only regaining of their paintings the walls of the city but as roofs, traffic circle, barges, trains etc.

Found in 1998, the HPG don't linger to impose themselves facing the other crews and collaborate notably with several graffitits such Noah and 2PON, Tilt or the M.A.C.
They paint with styles of graphics and different tools (brush and acrylic painting for Kat and Fafi; bomb spray for Plume) and are inspired of various models, but all express to their way, their femininity : pulpy shapes of the characters, harmonious tracing of the letters, game of the colors...



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